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BMW i4 review

By Ginny Buckley - Motoring Correspondent

15th Oct 2021 | Reviews

The i4 is designed to be an electric BMW for people who are reluctant to drive an electric car. Can it be fun to drive and efficient?

Whether petrolheads like it or not, electric cars are the future. But BMW is taking away the fear for drivers who need to be weaned off the petrol pump with the new i4. When the GranCoupé goes on sale in November at prices starting at £51,905, the four-door coupe promises to have more driving pleasure than any other electric car in this class and feels as much like a combustion engined car as it can.

BMW has not developed its own ground-up design for the i4, but has used the basic structure of the best-selling 3 and 4-Series as the basis for this car.

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MG ZS EV gets new look and 110 miles more range

By Ginny Buckley - Motoring Correspondent

12th Oct 2021 | Reviews

New Long Range model has an official range of 273 miles

MG has revealed its new, improved version of the ZS EV, which arrives in the brand's dealerships next month. The renewed model has a new look, but the bigger news is significantly longer range from a new 72kWh battery pack.

It will be offered with a choice of two trim levels and two battery variants. The 72 kWh Long Range will offer a range of 273 miles compared with 163 miles for the existing model (based on official WLTP measurements). A 51 kWh battery with a 198-mile range will be offered in the line up next year.

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New Fiat 500 is (RED)dy to do good

By Ginny Buckley - Motoring Correspondent

8th Oct 2021 | Reviews

New (RED) model is available as a convertible or hatchback

The most popular colour for the last Fiat 500 was red - so you may be wondering why it wasn't a shade offered on the new, all-electric model.

Here is the answer – the company was waiting to reveal a new model, created with the charitable organisation (RED). Rock star Bono, co-founder of (RED), even turned up at the unveiling of the car, spurred on by the promise of more than $4 million from Fiat over the next three years for the charity.

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Rimac Nevera Review

By Ginny Buckley - Motoring Correspondent

4th Oct 2021 | Reviews

The words 'game-changer' are a bit played out, but the Nevera seems to warrant the title

You might have never heard of Rimac. But the company is certainly well-known by other car makers, especially those who want a bit of help engineering electric cars. In just ten years, the Croatian founder Mate Rimac has companies such as VW and Hyundai fighting to sign him up as a development partner.

But for now, Rimac is concentrating on producing his own car. It is seemingly irrelevant and unachievable for anyone who isn't a billionaire – but it is a technology showcase full of innovations which will filter down to the cars we drive in the near future.

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Every little helps when it comes to charging

A new study has found that owners of electric cars may want to consider heading to Tesco for their weekly shop as nearly half (45%) of its stores have charging point.

However, Sainsbury's loyalists who own an electric car face a lottery when it comes to charging their cars, with fewer than one in 10 (7.2%) of its stores currently providing charge points for customers.

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Citroën ë-SpaceTourer Review

By Ginny Buckley - Motoring Correspondent

27th Sep 2021 | Reviews

If you need to move eight, or even nine people around using power from a plug, the ë-SpaceTourer is pretty much your only choice. Just as well it's good, then

One of the most frequent questions we get from readers is about electric seven seaters. Here is a car which goes one – or even two - better. The Citroën ë-SpaceTourer can seat up to nine people.

There's no escaping how Citroen has managed this feat of packaging: the ë-SpaceTourer is based on a van. In this case that's not necessarily a bad thing, as we've been impressed by the commercial version previously.

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Kia reveals Sportage with a plug

By Ginny Buckley - Motoring Correspondent

23rd Sep 2021 | Reviews

Kia will confirm UK prices and a launch date later this year

The new Kia Sportage, which is due to arrive in the UK later this year, will come as a plug-in hybrid the Korean carmaker has said.

The Sportage has been one of Kia's most important models in the UK in the last decade, and the new fifth-generation model will come with mild hybrid and full hybrid power. And, for the first time in a Sportage, there will be a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) version.

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Volkswagen ID.3 Review

By Ginny Buckley - Motoring Correspondent

16th Sep 2021 | Reviews

VW is investing massively in electric

Volkswagen is investing massively in electric. It believes that it can produce the next 'people's car' in the same way that it did with the original Beetle and then the Golf. The ID.3 is the car that it thinks will spearhead that revolution and is the first in a long series of interesting models it has planned, ranging from a beach buggy to a reborn version of its classic camper van.

It has dabbled before in electric cars, with battery-powered versions of the Golf and Up! city car, but the ID.3 is the first VW to be designed from the ground-up as an electric vehicle. All of its future EVs will use this structure and layout, so it has gone all-out to make sure it is impressive.

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Land Rover Defender P400e PHEV Review

By Ginny Buckley - Motoring Correspondent

13th Sep 2021 | Reviews

There is a theory that the old Land Rover Defender is one of the 'greenest' cars in the world, as owners can fix them rather than just throwing them away after 15 years. But there is little that is green coming out of the exhaust pipe of these ancient survivors.

This new Defender PHEV is designed to drastically reduce the sooty fumes part of Defender ownership, although you'll have to ask your children to check back in 30 years to see if its subsequent owners have made do and mended.

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